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Fightwear Store UK was established in 2016 by Martial Arts Entrepreneur Daniel Huxtable. Fightwear Store has quickly become one of the fastest growing kickboxing brands in the World, selling in over 16 countries! 

Fightwear Store believes that design and branding is key to looking great whilst training and competing. That's why all of our products are designed by professional Graphic Designers with years of experience. 

Our team has been lucky enough to have won many awards in their short time operating. Staff have also sat in and spoken at the Welsh Parliament on business and employment reforms, and in 2020 Fightwear Store was featured on a popular BBC show!

Fightwear Store UK will continue to improve and develop their products, whilst maintaining their high standards in design and branding. 


Meet The Team

Daniel Huxtable BA (Hons)

Owner & Chief Designer

David Huxtable


Joel Walsh

Caie Copp

Alex Evans


Karen Huxtable BA (Hons)

Sales Manager

Laura Jones BA (Hons)

Graphic Designer

Paul Mciver


Daniel Huxtable

Caitlin Mciver

Catrin Sambrook

Blitz The Puppy

Caitlin Mciver

Social Media

Emma John LLB (Hons)


Nathan Armstrong

Jordan Williams

Cameron Lewis

Chloe Collins

Meet The Fighters

Jac Elsey

Meet The Ambassadors